本文摘要:Whether its by plane, train or automobile travelling usually makes us sleepy, but using an extra shirt or bag as a pillow arent the best options for comfort.搭乘飞机、火车或汽车的时候人总是感觉昏昏欲睡,但用衣服或书包当作枕头又过于难受。


Whether its by plane, train or automobile travelling usually makes us sleepy, but using an extra shirt or bag as a pillow arent the best options for comfort.搭乘飞机、火车或汽车的时候人总是感觉昏昏欲睡,但用衣服或书包当作枕头又过于难受。A company has developed a hoodie that helps you get a few minutes of shut eye, no matter where you are.现在一家公司设计出有了供随时随地睡觉的连帽衫。Hypnos Sleep Hoodie is an inflatable hoodie, with a hood that transforms into a pillow.这款“睡觉神”牌连帽衫具备充气功能,可以把风帽当枕头用于。

The tricked out sweatshirt is currently listed on Kickstarter, where they company has set a goal of $30,000 by January 11th.这款别具特色的运动衫现正在众筹平台Kickstarter上面临公众筹措资金。该公司的目标是在1月11日前筹得3万美元。A total of $56,708 has already been raised.而现在他们早已总共筹得56708美元。Co-founder, Josh Woodle, had the idea while on the way to the airport, whose main job is in film production.乔希伍德尔是该公司创始人之一,主要专门从事电影制作工作。

这款连帽衫的创新源自他在一次去机场路上的突发奇想。Him and his brother grew up in Chicago and were constantly wearing hoodies, Woodle recalls, and he wanted to find a way to combine the comfy layering staple with the ubiquitous neck pillow as travel accessory, he said in an interview with Refinery29.com.他和兄弟在芝加哥长大,两人都常常穿着连帽衫。他在时尚网站Refinery29的专访中回想道,当时他想要找寻一种法子,使衣服既穿著难受,又有人们旅行常带的颈枕功能。

From the outside, it looks like regular comfy hoodie, but on the inside there is a hidden inflatable, ergonomic neck pillow that can be blown up through a nozzle on the inside of the hood.这件衣服从外观上看就是件普通又舒适度的连帽衫。但衣服的风帽里藏有一个可充气的人体工学颈枕,只要对着吹气口吹吹气就能立刻撑起来。The pillow had to be perfect; it had to feature a new shape that was comfortable, versatile, and inconspicuous to the outside world, said Woodle.伍德尔说道:“在枕头的设计上我们力求极致:枕头的形状既要超过舒适度的拒绝,也要反映它的多用途,并且在外观上还无法过于醒目。”Our next focus was to offer a beautiful hoodie that could transition from a day on the plane straight to the bar at night.“我们的下一个目标是使连帽衫更为美观,既可以白天在飞机上穿着,也可以晚上去酒吧时穿着。


”The team has spent a few months working on the fabric, design and functionality of the garment.这家公司早已投放了数月时间对衣服的面料、外观设计和功能展开改良。With the help of industrial designers with over 20 years in the inflatable industry they have created something that quickly inflates and easily deflates.他们找来了在充气五品领域具备多达20年工作经验的工业设计师,在他们的帮助下设计出有了可以很快充气又更容易放气的枕头。

According to the Kickstarter campaign, its just three seconds to sleep.根据Kickstarter的宣传,有了这种连帽衫,“只要操作者三秒就能睡觉上一觉”。The hood also has enough space so when the pillow deflates you arent bothered by it and its not noticeable to anyone else around you.风帽里有充足的空间,所以在放气时周围的人也会察觉到,穿着者也大可不必苦恼。

Wearers also have the ability to remove the pillow and reinsert it at a later time.在放气之后,枕头也可以随便拆除和装回。Our patent pending system has a tailored fit pocket that fits the inflatable tightly inside the hood with a seal tight opening for the valve, says the company.公司负责人说道:“现在我们正在为这项设计申请专利。衣服风帽备有专门的开口,恰好可以怀下充气枕头,并在封口上尚存空间刚好可供摆放吹气口。

”There are four different types of hoodies and a woven jacket that has the same inflatable hood.这种连帽衫共计四种有所不同款式。此外该公司还设计了一种针织外套,也备有某种程度的充气枕头。

Hypnos has stated it only uses locally sourced goods and labor, which they will not compromise on.睡觉神公司(Hypnos)回应,该连帽衫生产中所用于的人力物力皆来自本地,他们也并不想转变这一点。They also refuse to outsource and are committed to valuing the artists and craftsman who contribute to the quality of the product.该公司也拒绝接受将产品外包,而是几乎托付给参予产品改良的设计师和工匠。

For pledging $49, backers will receive a hoodie for their support, which is $10 less than the retail price.在Kickstarter上只要捐出49美元就能接到这款连帽衫,比零售价还低廉10美元。



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