本文摘要:For those who know former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, it’s hard to view his move to reclaim the reins of his business empire, publicly unveiled late yesterday, as anything but inevitable.最近,纽约前任市长迈克尔o布隆伯格对外声称将重掌其商业帝国。


For those who know former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, it’s hard to view his move to reclaim the reins of his business empire, publicly unveiled late yesterday, as anything but inevitable.最近,纽约前任市长迈克尔o布隆伯格对外声称将重掌其商业帝国。对于理解布隆伯格的人来说,他的重返是必定的。Even when he had a big city to run, the billionaire remained intimately involved in the affairs of his privately owned data-and-media powerhouse, as Fortune’scoverage of Bloomberg LP last year made clear.《财富》(Fortune)杂志去年对彭博(Bloomberg LP)公司的报导具体表明,即便他在兼任纽约市市长时,这位亿万富翁也仍然在紧密地参予管理彭博的各种事务。彭博是布隆伯格私人持有人的数据与新闻媒体集团。

On several occasions, the then-mayor showed up at Bloomberg headquarters after hours for business meetings—including a presentation on a redesign of Bloomberg’s website held during a blizzard. He monitored the company from his Bloomberg terminal at City Hall. And he received weekly briefings from Dan Doctoroff, his handpicked CEO.在多个场合中,时任纽约市宽的布隆伯格不会在上班后经常出现在彭博公司总部,参与公司的业务会议,其中还包括彭博网站新的设计展出的会议,而且当时正值暴风雪天气。他还从坐落于纽约市政大楼的彭博终端第一时间公司事务。布隆伯格钦点的首席执行官董德融每周都会向他汇报公司情况。

So despite years of public declarations by both Bloomberg and Doctoroff that it would never happen, it hardly comes as a shock that Mike (as he is known at Bloomberg LP) is reassuming command of his business at the end of 2014, just under a year after leaving office. His previous plan had been to devote the majority of his time to his extensive philanthropic activities.因此,尽管布隆伯格和董德融多年来仍然对外声称布隆伯格会重返公司,但当布隆伯格(彭博员工平易近人地称之为他为迈克)将于2014年年底重掌公司的消息爆出时,外界回应并不深感吃惊,而这离他卸任市长一职还将近一年。他此前的计划是将大部分时间用作积极开展普遍的慈善事业。The odd man out, of course, is Doctoroff, 56, the former deputy mayor who has been running Bloomberg LP since 2008. That wasn’t an easy task. Even while Mike—who owns more than 80% of the business—was at City Hall, he loomed over everything at Bloomberg LP. “People live there in the shadow of Mike,” former HR chief Melinda Wolfe told Fortune last year. “There’s a constant questioning: What would Mike do?”56岁的董德融之后理所当然地沦为了出局之人,这位前任纽约副市长自2008年之后仍然掌理彭博。这并不是件更容易的事。

即便在兼任市长期间,布隆伯格(持有人彭博多达80%的股份)仍然在彭博幕后注目着公司的大小事务。彭博前任人力资源总监梅琳达o伍尔夫去年对《财富》杂志称之为:“员工时刻能感受到布隆伯格在公司的影子。遇上问题时,人们总是不会回答:要是迈克不会怎么做?”That reality—along with the presence of powerful sacred cows inside the company, such as news chief Matt Winkler and terminal boss Tom Secunda—created a management nightmare for Doctoroff. He labored to change Bloomberg’s eccentric, Mike-shaped culture, starting new businesses and reining in costs in the face of changing times and slowing terminal sales.此外,公司还有大佬级人物的不存在,例如新闻业务负责人马特o温科勒和终端业务掌门汤姆o瑟昆达。这一切对董德融而言无异于一场管理噩梦。

董德融仍然在希望地转变彭博怪异的、由布隆伯格创建一起的企业文化,并在时代大大变化和终端业务销售上升的情况下创立新的业务、掌控成本。Bloomberg remains highly profitable and kept growing, with revenues expected to reach $9 billion for 2014. But with Mike back on the premises—and constitutionally unable to play the role of second banana—the situation quickly became untenable.彭博的盈利能力仍然强大,而且正处于下降状态,其2014年营收未来将会超过90亿美元。但是随着布隆伯格的重返,并且鉴于他不有可能在公司里不敌他人之下,这一局面迅速再次发生了变化。“Mike is kind of like God at the company,” Doctoroff explained on Wednesday, sitting with Bloomberg at a New York coffee shop, to Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times. “He created the universe. He issued the Ten Commandments and then he disappeared. And then he came back. You have to understand that when God comes back, things are going to be different. When God reappeared, people defer.” (Through a spokesman, Bloomberg and Doctoroff both declined interviews.)最近,董德融在纽约一间咖啡馆(都说的还有布隆伯格)向《纽约时报》(New York Times)记者安德鲁o罗斯o索金说明道:“迈克在公司就像上帝一样。


当上帝新的经常出现时,人们就不会显得言听计从。”(布隆伯格和董德融通过发言人拒绝接受了《财富》杂志的专访。)So what does this reappearance mean for the business—and the world?因此布隆伯格重回彭博对于该公司和世界意味著什么呢?Bloomberg LP’s lavish profits are driven by subscriptions to its financial-data terminals—the count is now 321,000—which cost $21,000 a year apiece. But its operations also include a huge news service, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and a TV financial-news operation—all big money-losers.彭博可观的利润归功于其金融数据终端业务。该业务的用户数量目前超过了32.1万,每位用户年费为2.1万美元。

彭博的业务还包括一个可观的新闻服务部门、彭博《商业周刊》(BusinessWeek)以及电视金融新闻业务,但这些业务都正处于相当严重亏损中。Doctoroff had moved to diversify the company, starting new businesses and installing traditional corporate management systems and controls. Yesterday, Bloomberg told the Times he didn’t expect to shift direction. “The plan that we have is the plan we should execute,” he said.董德融此前实行了业务多元化战略,创立了新的业务并实行了传统的企业管理制度和管控。昨天,布隆伯格对《纽约时报》回应,他并不想转变这一发展方向。

他说道:“我们现有的计划就是我们应当继续执行的计划。”But it’s hard to imagine that the new boss (same as the old boss) reclaimed his post simply to stay the course. In his previous incarnation as CEO, Bloomberg focused almost single-mindedly on increasing the number of terminals sold, trusted his gut, hated meetings, never laid anyone off, and didn’t worry about spending.但是人们很难想象新的掌门(与他自己之前兼任该职务时一样)在接替后不会纯粹地沿着这条道路继续走下去。

在他此前兼任首席执行官时,布隆伯格完全只专心于提高终端销售业绩,凭直觉行事,喜欢会议,从不裁员而且对于支出也不在乎。Mike, who now occupies a fifth-floor desk at the company’s lavish Lexington Avenue headquarters, has returned to a business three times the size of the one he last ran in 2001, with 16,000 employees. It’s hard to manage exactly the same way, and Bloomberg faces fresh challenges to its lucrative terminal franchise.布隆伯格目前的办公室坐落于公司来克星顿大街奢华总部的五楼。

他重返后所掌理的业务是其在2001年离任时公司规模的3倍,并享有1.6万名员工。用某种程度的方式展开管理是很艰难的,而且布隆伯格在其利润可观的终端业务方面也面对着新的挑战。But, at 72, his management approach—and passions—seem unlikely to change. As mayor, he launched a string of crusades. Upon leaving office, he declared his intention to focus on philanthropy—Forbes places his wealth at $33 billion—as a way to continue his public-policy activism, which includes supporting gun-control and anti-smoking efforts.然而,尽管已成72岁高龄,但他的管理方式和热情或许并不大可能会发生变化。在兼任纽约市宽的时候,他曾发售了一系列改革措施。

在卸任市长职务时,他宣告想把主要精力放到慈善事业上(《福布斯》杂志估算他享有330亿美元的资产),作为沿袭其公共政策行动主义的一种方式,其中还包括反对枪支管制和赞成吸烟者的希望。Now that he’s again running Bloomberg LP, with an array of powerful platforms at his disposal, expect Mike Bloomberg to remain an unconventional CEO, focused far more on amplifying his voice and boosting his influence than on the mundane business of making money.既然他已新的接掌彭博公司,而且享有一系列强劲的平台可供其支配,人们预计迈克尔o布隆伯格仍将是一位不同寻常的首席执行官。




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